I’m a Helsinki based Finnish guitarist and music teacher. I just graduated as a Master of Music at Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen. Music Education was my main subject.

I was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1986. Shortly after we moved to Forssa which is a small town about 120 km from Helsinki. There I started to play guitar at the local music school where I played Jazz. During my teenage years I also played in home made punk rock bands. My first band was called the Demars, I founded it together with my cousin Matias when I was eight years-old. Instead of playing guitar, I was the lead singer. You can read more about it from this blog The story of the Demars.

After the Demars, I’ve played in multiple bands such as

  • Police New York
  • The Leopards
  • Jyväskylä Big Band
  • Karema&Nummelin Duo
  • Juho Nummelin Expressience
  • Maximalistica
  • Juho Nummelin Quartet
  • Whose band is it anyways

You can find more information about bands and SoundCloud in Music – tab.

Nowadays I find myself the most expressive in jazz and other improvised music.

Guitar and band teaching is close to my heart. It’s something that I’m looking for doing for the living in future.

In future hopefully I’ll manage to upload something in the Teaching – tab. 🙂